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All of the answers to your most pressing questions.

How is your product different from other vaporizer pens?

While there are a lot of vaporizer pens on the market Alchemy by Dark Heart was the first pen that provides additional plant terpenes to enhance the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.  Our Alchemists know all about cannabis and the benefits of each of the botanical extracts to create the perfect blends for all of your experiences.

What are the benefits of each botanical extract?

Please reference our website for links and info on each of the botanical blends.

What is the THC level?

Alchemy has two strengths to meet your needs;  30% THC and 70% THC.

How do you extract the oils for cannabis and botanicals?

The cannabis oil is extracted using a super-critical CO2 process for our 30% blend and a distillate process for our 70% blend. Our extractors use the highest quality equipment. Many of the botanical extracts are derived from a steam distilled extraction.

Will you have a botanical free version?

We currently do not have plans for a botanical free product.

Where do you get the cannabis? Who creates the oil?

Alchemy by Dark Heart is built on the trusted network of California cannabis growers.  Since 2007 Dark Heart Nursery has provided premium plants to farmers who grow and develop the flower and oils created in many of the cannabis products you find today.  Alchemy oil is provided by our large network of farmers who provide consistent, high quality, safe and clean cannabis extraction methods.   This network provides the expertise for cannabis oil extraction and we test for pesticides, mold and potency to ensure the highest quality of oil for Alchemy.

How do I take care of my Hardware?

Battery: For optimal use please use our 3.7-volt batteries with our cartridge, to prevent overheating and possible burning of oil. We recommend a “sipping” method to prevent fluctuation of heating as well. The battery is made for frequent use using lithium ion; much like a cell phone battery.  To prevent deterioration avoid overcharging or completely depleting the battery. Start recharging if you notice a decline in vapor. The green light will indicate when it is fully charged.  Disconnecting the cartridge after use does prevent the battery from slowly draining.

Assembly: Avoid overtightening when connecting the cartridge or charger. Turn until resistance is felt, but no more than a quarter turn past that point. Contacts should be cleaned with a dry cloth whenever possible.

Storage: When not in use, store at room temperature, preferably in a lint and dust free location or case.

Cartridge:  The cartridge should be disposed of after the oil is depleted.  Do not refill the cartridge, it is not meant to be used repeatedly and may have coil deterioration which can clog the cartridge making it unusable.

What if I have a problem with the hardware or cartridge?

We support a full exchange policy and ask that our dispensary locations honor this policy.  Consumers can bring the battery or partially or full cartridge back to their purchasing location and receive an exchange.

Who tests the oil? What are you testing for?

Our oil is tested with CW Labs in Oakland. Samples are screened twice during the production process.  Once when we get the material and again with the final blends.

Our quality assurance regiment includes microbiological, pesticide and residual solvent analysis, as well as potency, cannabinoid and terpene profiling.

How do you guarantee I get the same experience each time if you are using different strains?

Studies have shown that the specific characteristics of individual strains are the result of an entourage effect between the cannabinoid and terpene molecules found naturally in the cannabis plant. The energetic properties of a Sour Diesel or the sedative properties of a Purple Kush are actually the result of terpenes such as Limonene and Beta-Myrcene. These same terpenes can be found, in different concentrations, among all plants in the natural world.

Because we’re using an extraction method to separate these terpenes from the cannabinoids the results are  a relatively terpene-free raw oil. This allows us to start with a blank canvas where we add our customized blend of terpenes found in other botanical sources, such as Peppermint and Chamomile, allowing a consistent terpene profile for each of our blends.

Is it safe to inhale botanical extracts?

Botanical extracts have been used for consumption and as inhalants for centuries in the field of aromatherapy and herbal medicine.  We focus on botanicals that are safely extracted and complement the cannabis for the optimal therapeutic benefits.  Our botanical oil is provided by an FDA approved supplier, from organic farms that provides pesticide free results.

Why not use pure oil?

Pure oil has a lot of variability found from plant to plant, and therefore makes it difficult to maintain consistency. Diluting the raw oil, after identifying the cannabinoid profile through laboratory testing, allows us to bring the product to our desired potency level ensuring the same experience every time.

Will you have a CBD strain?

We are exploring some of our options around the CBD supply chain.

How can I become a seller of Alchemy?

Alchemy by Dark Heart is available for distribution at this time.  If you would like to become a distributor you can email or contact your Dark Heart sales rep.

You can submit an inquiry here

Do you list all of the ingredients on the box?

We list the primary constituents of each of the blends on the box.  You can also find the ingredients on our website under each experience.

Does Alchemy contain a carrier oil?
Yes, in order to create Alchemy’s uniquely consistent potency with every experience we use pharmaceutical grade Polyethylene glycol; also known as, PEG 400 as a carrier oil. PEG allows us to consistently achieve our target potency every single batch. Of all of the carrier oils available on the market PEG has undergone the most scientific safety testing, and proven itself to be safest for human consumption. In fact, PEG is so safe it has earned the FDA’s recognition as a product that “Generally Regarded as Safe.” One of the highest designations available.

See the attached document for more information on PEG

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